Thank you for visiting our Ladies Choice Farm website!  We are excited to share with you some of the changes that have taken place over the last several years. 

Both the Alpine and the Toggenburg herds have been reduced in size, due to time and physical restraints.  Only the very best does and bucks were retained.  Our herd in now stronger than ever, we are excited to see how our top picks do in the show ring and in the milking parlor.

On our website you will find a few changes.  We have added a new page in which to feature embryos that we will be offering for sale, as well we've decided that it is time to make some room in the semen tanks, we will soon be listing some semen that will become available for sale. 

Each year we print and mail a large number of Herd Brochures to folks around the country.   One of the changes we've decided on is to upload our Brochure to the website so that folks can download it. 

This will save a lot of time and energy, not to mention the expense of mailing so many brochures.  We will gladly mail a hard copy to anyone who is unable to download the brochure.

The herd is as strong as ever, our does not only milk well but have proven themselves in the show ring! 

Our Alpine herd has retained only it's strongest members.   Our does are large and powerful, yet very feminine and graceful and have commanded a notable presence in the New England show circuit.  We are looking forward to getting them out to more shows this coming year. 

We've retained the cream of the crop in the Toggenburg herd, boasting exceptional mammary systems and some really beautiful bodies.  Our does have made their mark, our herd is predominately dark chocolate in color which leads to many compliments.  They certainly stand out in the show ring! 

Please feel free to contact us anytime!  Enjoy your visit!

Beth & Jen


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