Janbouree Orion Distinction

We've combined the strengths of one of our favorite does by line breeding our new Jr. Herdsire Distinction on SGCH Twinbrook Royal Star EX90. Combine that with the strength of Distinction's dam Starfire EX92 EEEE who has a nearly ideal mammary system boasting extreme extension in the fore udder, rear udder height and rear udder arch - Distinction's genetics will be a wonderful addition to the herd.

  SS: *B Waiilatpu SKRW Sebastian
                                    Sire: Janbouree WS Orion
  SD: SGCH Twinbrook Royal Star EX90
Janbouree Orion Distinction
  DS: Twinbrook Keystar (Royal Star Son)
                                    Dam: Janbouree KP Starfire EX92
DD: Janbouree Dream Poem VG89


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