*B Cottage Hill CHTR Formula I

  S.S: *B Cottage Hill Rainiers Trevor EX92
Sire: *B Cottage Hill Trevors Rebel
  S.D: Cottage Hill Whitakers Ruby 9*M EX90
*B Cottage Hill CHTR Formula I
  D.S: +*B Cottage Hill Whitakers Rainier EX90
Dam: SG Cottage Hill Rainiers Fame 19*M EX90
  D.D. Cottage Hill Whitakers Faith 18*M EX90
Photographed above is Formula's dam, Fame.  She is deep bodied, has a beautiful front end, milks quite a bit and is line bred on ++*B Dairy Delight MDJP Whitaker.  We are hoping that bringing some of the Cottage Hill style and a bit of Whitakers influence into the herd that some of the style found in our older does will be replicated in some of the younger animals in the herd.

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